Welcome to our magical homepage!

Here at Wiztek Media we turn game ideas into amazing experiences on mobile & web.

Our Services


We can turn your cool idea from concept into an amazing game.


  • Research

  • Game design

  • Documentation

  • Product management

  • Wireframes

  • Monetization


Your game must look great and work perfectly for it to be fun to play.


  • Concept art

  • Branding and Logos

  • Characters design

  • Animations

  • UX / UI Design, GUI


Our highly experienced team of developers will make your game run on any platform.


  • iOS - iPhones, iPads

  • Android - Phones, Tablets

  • Web - Canvase, Facebook

  • Cross-platform - Flash Air, Unity, HTML 5


Our talented server-side team is constantly innovating and using latest technologies.


  • PHP and Java

  • Backend

  • Data security

  • Cloud storage

  • Scalable architecture

  • Load testing

About Us

We have a professional and experienced team will take your project from A to Z.  Our services cover the full product life-cycle: game design, creative, UI & UX, monetization, architecture, development, testing and maintenance. 

We will work our magic to insure that you get the best result possible. 

We Make Magic.